All roads go to Georgia

Georgia, although the country far away from almost all European cantries, however, is fairly well connected and what more important EU citizens do not need visa to come to Georgia. You can get to it in several ways:

- the first possibility is the airway, by plane from many EU contries on direct flight or with cheap flights by AirBaltic with stop in Riga or Aerosvit with stop in Kijev.

- the second possibility is overland by car across Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey. On the Turkish border you need to bay visa, the cost about 10$/person. This road though far away (about 6000 km from UK), is or can be the most adventurous road to Georgia

- the third optcion is by ferry (first you have to travel by car or train to  Illichevsk/Odessa in Ukraine (or Varna in Bulgaria), and by ferry to Batumi or Poti (the price for one ticket is ca. 150$/person). In the cabine is a bathroom, WC, the price includes three meals. The ferry carries also cars, the traveltime is about 30 hours. After arriving to Batumi you can reach Tbilisi by 
marshutka, bus or train (the conditions are enough good. 

Currency - one word about money

Before you come to Georgia you have to take with you US Dolar or Euro. Both currency are exchangeable to the national GEL (lari). Practicaly in every bigest city it will be possible to finde exchange points, but you in some places you can be asked for your pasport or another ID document (it is only formality). When you exchange money you should check the amount and the quality of banknotes (if any will be damaged you can have problems to use it in shops). Besides in many cities are cash points or banks where you can take out

Transport in the city and between cities

In Georgia is the public transport in so colled marshrutkach - minibuses, quite good developed. This is the chipest form of transportation between the cities. In the capital
 Tbilisi functions on the good level metro (the most favorite transport form by Georgian people in the summer time becouse of the lover temperature in the underground) and buses wel known in bigger cities. But the most developed transport form in all Georgian cities are taxi. In taxi you can negotiate the price before you come in telling the driver the name of your destination street. Georgia is the fast growing cuntry with good plane conections between the biggest cities like Tbilisi-Batumi, Tbilisi-Kutaisi or Tbilisi-Mestia. Besides there is also good working railway, that is used very often by Georgian and tourists as well (for example between Tbilisi and Batumi).

Pedestrans, watch out on the streets!!!       

In Georgien you have to be careful especially by passing the streets. It concerns passing the streets on unmarked places and places on zebra with traffic lights. It is simple another driving culture that zou have to accept. Despite the fact that almost everywhere in Georgia the passing streets on unmarked places is widly practised we strongly recomend you to be careful!!!