Gudauri is an young and rapid developing winter sports resort located at Kazbegi region of Georgia, 120 km from Tbilisi, at the height of 2,196 m (about 7,200 feet) near the Cross Pass. Skiing season lasts from December to April, comfort skiing on all routes. In May skiing is possible on the five (highest) lift or even on the second lift in snow years. Heli Ski is available throughout the season! Perfect prepared ski tours attracts thousands of tourists every year, they come especially from USA, Germany, Russia and another country. All of them have for sure very good ski opportunities in their countries but visit also Georgia. 

Winter season in Georgia

Below we invite you to acquaint you to our offer for ski season in Georgian mountains. We present description of one region when you can spend active time on ski during the whole winter season.

For your wish we prepare detailed program of ski trip and ski stay in Georgia, we organize transport, accommodation and other attractions connected with winter stay in Caucasus Mountains.

Ski tours and lifts

Gudauri will have 50 km of marked and prepared routes suitable for pro-riders and beginners. They planned to have 10 new routes, with the old ones it will be 22. 20% professional routes 80% - riders rout. All of them were perfect prepared, lighted and marked. By the routs there are snow machine.

In the place is possible to rent ski equipment (ca. 30 GEL/day). In the city Gudauri are shops, pharmacy, bars and restaurants.

The lower lift station is at 1,990 m (6,500 feet), and the top station is at 3,007 m (9,860 feet!). In April 2011 five Doppelmayer ski-lifts worked. All lifts are new and work perfectly; they have generators delivering energy every time.

In Gudauri are follow ski lifts (see photos below):

- first ski lift 1053 m long - three chairs (night skiing),

- second ski-lift 2295m - high speed chairlift, four chairs,

- third ski-lift 1063m - three chairs,

- forth ski-lift 1104m - three chairs,

- fifth ski-lift 1504m - four chairs,

- gondola lift 2800m for 8 person,

- new training slope with Doppelmayer J-bar 600m,

- snow park and ski tour for children 300m


Card for one entry costs ca. 30 GEL (children born in the 2007th and later have free skiing accompanied by an adult, also seniors, born before 1948th have free skiing). The more days do you spend on skiing the less prices you have to pay for skiing.